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I will never forgive you

You torn my heart open
And now I shiver
In the cold night
Where you left me
Dying in pain
You betrayed me
Now I don't trust
Because you lied
And bitched
So I don't need you no more
Here I am lying on my bed
Writing this about you
If you hadn't of betrayed
I would be laughing
But you did betray
And now I feel as if I am in a black hole
Of nothingness
You were a fake friend
Pretending to know
Pretending to have fun
I trusted you
I told you secrets I hadn't told anyone else
You kept those secrets
Until now when you tell everyone
Not just will I never trust you again
I will never call you a friend
Nor a best friend
I'm backing out of your life
And pushing you out of mine
I will lock you out of my life
And I will make sure you never ruin it again
I won't help you
I won't talk to you
I won't give you payback
Because I try to forget you
And those lies you told
I will never forgive you
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God broke my heart to prove to me

I think of you in silence 
and make no outward show
for what it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

You wished no one a last farewell
nor even said "goodbye"
you were gone before I knew it
and only God knows why.

Your golden heart stopped beating
your tender heart's at rest.
God broke my heart to prove to me
he only takes the best.

Its lonely here without you.
I miss you more each day.
When I see your pictures 
they seem to say, 
Dont cry. I m only sleeping. 
We will be together someday.?

by Alana  Bolton
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