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I promise to love you for every moment of forever

Your lips so soft and red, 
the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head. 
Your beauty so bright and warm, 
shinning through the darkest storm.
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky, 
when I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
My love for you is pure and true, 
I never stop thinking of you.
The sound of your voice saying "I love you" makes my heart pound 
because I knew I'd truly found my one and only.
I promise to love you for every moment of forever 
and when everything else crumbles, I will never.
I am your armor to protect you from harm, 
like you are to me, a lucky charm.
For you are my heart, my soul, 
baby you are my whole world.

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Remember when we met that day

Remember when we met that day?
The way you got glue in your hair and almost everywhere. 
When you walked people just stared and giggled.
I admit I chuckled a bit.
But I stayed and asked about you.
By the end of the day we said our bye's
I'm stuck thinking 
"Will I see her again?"
In weeks time, I get a pop up
"Special someone wants to be your friend"
Heck yea! I'm Happy you remember me.
Messages trade back and forth, 
For until we get sleepy.
Text after text I catch myself smiling
To your name on my screen.
As days go by,
Weeks widdle down,
February 14th came.
Remember what I promised that day?
Well I'm a broken record,
So I'll keep telling you What I promised you:
I will do my best for you.
Call me, text me, Message me; 
do nothing, anything or maybe even everything.
I'll always want to hear you.
You know I'll do my best for you?
You shun me off, Elbow Me away. Don't worry I'll still stay. 
Hey, bad days come and go.
But I won't.
Don't know if you know,
Your pain and aches make me worry.
I try to hurry to you when you cry.
Seeing watered eyes heighten my intension.
Attention is called to tell it all.
Ear to ear to hear it said so clearly-
You're not used to what I'm giving you.
My attention has been paid full.
I've paved a road telling you what I can't tell you.
You don't need to be protective, hesitated 
Or even afraid of affection. 
All along its been in my intension.
To comfort you in any way. 
Hold you close to this day.
May as well tell you what I'll do everyday.
I'll stay awake to talk to you everyday.
I'll walk with you home everyday.
I'll pick up your call everyday.
I'll ask how you are everyday.
I still remember when we met that day.

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A lonely man gives up to die

A lonely flower in a field
A lonely child does not yield
A lonely star in the night sky
A lonely man gives up to die
A lonely car in a lonely street
A lonely girl admits defeat
The loneliness affects us all
A gutless fight, a pitless fall
A lonely time in my daily routine
Sets the tone; a deserted scene
A lonely cow under a lonely tree
A lonely soldier, this is me.

Tess Connor
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That I could ever triumph over love

Love! you dealt a bitter blow –
You lay me cross the mortal plains, 
Bedewed, bedimmed amongst a show
Of tearful clouds: eternal rains 
To weep at my enduring foe

Of harsh reality – searing pains of
Destiny: dependable propensity 
To fool myself repeatedly
That I could ever triumph over love! 
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Love at first sight...

You brought me sunshine,
when I only saw rain.
You brought me laughter,
when I only felt pain.
Romantics at heart?
Love at first sight?
Have I known you before?
God! This feels so right!
Have I met you before?
Another time, another place?
If it's only one night,
will it bring us disgrace?
What are these feelings?
Must they be temporary?
Just to make you happy,
seems so necessary.
I want you to know,
cause I'll never forget
knowing your smile 
your kisses and yet
Dreams are something,
that can't always come true,
nothing more we can say,
nothing more we can do.

By:- Donna Donathan

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My heart is broken Forever broken...

I'm broken
I'm broken. I have no one. 
I will.. never have anyone.
He used me for his own pleasures.
He lead me on to think that we...
had a chance. but...
we didn't.

My heart is broken...
Forever broken.
I was so in love with him.
He told me he loved me more...
Than anything...

They were all lies. 
Everything he said to me.
And more lies...

He was everything I had...
He knew I had no one else...
but him.
I needed him...
but all he did was tear me to pieces.

He made me promises.
He told me he cared.
He promised he would never leave my side.
But he did.
He doesn't care anymore.

He made me realize something...
I am not needed.
I'm not loved.
I'm only to be disposed of.
I have no one.

He told me to forget about him.
To let him go.
But how can I?
After all the promises he made me.
I'm so...broken.

He must hate me.
Look at me.
I'm a mess.
I'm so unstable.
I wouldn't blame him if he hated me.

I wouldn't even blame him if he...
didn't care that I'm about to die.
That's right.
He doesn't care.
He never will.

And for that I...
have died inside.
I'd like to say goodbye.
But to who?
No one.
                                                BY  Julie

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