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Top 10 Best Love Sms 2015

1:-            L - Loving u 4 ever!
                O - Owing everything 4 u!
                V - Very nice person 4 u!
                E - Everything sacrificed 4 u!     

2:-           U know why god made eyes in pair,lags 
               in pair, hands in pair, & the heart  as
              single? Just to find a heart of ur choice
              & amp; make a pair. 

3:-           Find Arms that will Hold u at ur Weakest,
                Eyes that will C u at ur Ugliest,
                Heart that will Luv u at ur Worst,
                & If u've found it,
                U've found True Love!

4:-          To let someone realise your importance try to 
               stay away so that they miss you. But don't stay
               away for such a long time that they learn to 
               live without you.

5:-           How to impress a girl:
                respect her,
                honour her,
                love her,
                protect her,
                care for her,
                how to impress boy
                just a smile (game over)

6:-           A boyfriend described True love before
                 his girlfriend saying as What a Snowman 
                did to a Snowwoman..He gave her a Warm
                Hug & they both melted in each others arms..

7:-           A Heart dies wen it is not able to Share its Feelings!
                But A Heart kills itself wen another Heart doesn't                                          understand its Feelings!

8:-            Bell has no sound till someone rings it,
                 Song has no tune until someone sings it..
                 So never hide ur feelings ,
                 Coz it has no value till someone feels it.

9:-            U cant wrap love in a box,
                 But u can wrap a person in a hug..
                 A hug delights, Warms & Charms..
                 Dat must b y God gave us arms..

10:-           LOVÊ is not only gaining someone,
                  But also losing urself to someone..
                  If someone loves u, its not coz of ur excellence..
                  Its coz of d purity of ur heart

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