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I try to fill my arms with her loveliness

I hold her hands and press her to my breast.
I try to fill my arms with her loveliness, to plunder her sweet smile with kisses, to drink
her dark glances with my eyes.
Ah, but, where is it? Who can strain the blue from the sky?
I try to grasp the beauty; it eludes me, leaving only the body in my hands.
Baffled and weary I come back.
How can the body touch the flower which only the spirit may touch? 

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The meeting that is like all devouring death

Love, my heart longs day and night for the meeting with you for the meeting that is
like all devouring death.
Sweep me away like a storm; take everything I have; break open my sleep and plunder
my dreams. Rob me of my world.
In that devastation, in the utter nakedness of spirit, let us become one in beauty.
Alas for my vain desire. Where is this hope for union except in thee, my God?

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Remember when we met that day

Remember when we met that day?
The way you got glue in your hair and almost everywhere. 
When you walked people just stared and giggled.
I admit I chuckled a bit.
But I stayed and asked about you.
By the end of the day we said our bye's
I'm stuck thinking 
"Will I see her again?"
In weeks time, I get a pop up
"Special someone wants to be your friend"
Heck yea! I'm Happy you remember me.
Messages trade back and forth, 
For until we get sleepy.
Text after text I catch myself smiling
To your name on my screen.
As days go by,
Weeks widdle down,
February 14th came.
Remember what I promised that day?
Well I'm a broken record,
So I'll keep telling you What I promised you:
I will do my best for you.
Call me, text me, Message me; 
do nothing, anything or maybe even everything.
I'll always want to hear you.
You know I'll do my best for you?
You shun me off, Elbow Me away. Don't worry I'll still stay. 
Hey, bad days come and go.
But I won't.
Don't know if you know,
Your pain and aches make me worry.
I try to hurry to you when you cry.
Seeing watered eyes heighten my intension.
Attention is called to tell it all.
Ear to ear to hear it said so clearly-
You're not used to what I'm giving you.
My attention has been paid full.
I've paved a road telling you what I can't tell you.
You don't need to be protective, hesitated 
Or even afraid of affection. 
All along its been in my intension.
To comfort you in any way. 
Hold you close to this day.
May as well tell you what I'll do everyday.
I'll stay awake to talk to you everyday.
I'll walk with you home everyday.
I'll pick up your call everyday.
I'll ask how you are everyday.
I still remember when we met that day.

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