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He holds his hand over his cards

He holds his hand over his cards
Just in case you can see through them.
He makes bets so high and wild
That he must have the better hand

You do not know the game,
But you cannot mistake the player
The kind who says he's about to touch the stars
When he's in a moment of surrender.

A guy like that can never amount to much,
He can only spit out useless words.
So you decide he cannot have a hand;
He's too lost in all the rules of Poker.

Now you're armed to the teeth with knowledge
of this person you don't really know.
So, though you know not what you do,
You check your heart and call his bluff and raise.

But though the stakes have climbed higher
And the risks have grown greater
You can't help but feel safer
Knowing that even if you lose the hand you'll win the pot.

His one hand clutches the other
They both have been through so much,
Just to be where they are now,
But only one has blood or veins.

Now it's time to show your cards,
To show who you both really were,
But as he lays down his aces
You realize he wasn't what you imagined.

You know now you should have listened,
You should have known what he was after,
But your friends' voices were so loud
You could not hear what they were saying.

Now there is nothing left to do
But to wait for yet another hand,
And this time do somewhat better,
It's his turn to be a little blind.

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Hate is great burdon to bear

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 
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I'm not as great as you

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