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Best Love Messages 2014

The most loveliest life:
Living in the arms of one who loves u…
And the most loveliest death is dying in the arms of the one whom u love..!


LOVE is not about whom
you have known the longest..
Who came first…
Who cares the best…
It's all about WHO CAME


" Love doesn't need a reason…
Pure love will come from the heart without reason…
And stay every season. "


I Don't Need Someone who
"Sees Only Good Things In Me"...!!!
But I Need Someone Who Knows
All The Bad Things In Me..
Nd Still Wanna Spend Her Life
With Me..


Heart is like a bottle of perfume.
If YOU never open it nobody
knows the fragrance inside it..
If YOU keep it always open
Soon YOU will loose YOUR its
So Act Wisely..!


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